Weekend Box Office Predictions: March 31 – April 2

Hello everyone! I am Connor Gilbert and welcome to Box Office with Connor!

This weekend, we have three releases. The family comedy, The Boss Baby in 3,800 theaters, the action remake, Ghost in the Shell in 3,400 theaters and the holocaust drama, The Zookeeper’s Wife in 500 theaters.

I think The Boss Baby will make the most of this week’s new releases. I do not believe Beauty and the Beast will take away from the Boss Baby’s weekend numbers, because Beauty was marketed towards kids and adults, but The Boss Baby was marketed solely for kids. I will compare The Boss Baby to Trolls, which made 46.6 million opening weekend, and How to Train your Dragon with an opening box office take of 43.7 million dollars. I think The Boss Baby will make 43 million dollars opening weekend.

Our second new release is Ghost in the Shell. I do not believe this will do as well as projected, because many fans of the original Ghost in the Shell will not be seeing this movie. The original was an intense action psychological thriller, but it was watered down into a standard action movie. I am comparing Ghost in the Shell with Edge of Tomorrow, which had a weekend box office take of 28.8 million, and The Maze Runner, which had an opening weekend of 32.5 million. I am predicting 30 million for Ghost in the Shell this weekend.

Our final new release is The Zookeeper’s Wife. I think that this one won’t do too well due to its theater count, but it will make enough to earn its budget back. The two comparisons I have for The Zookeeper’s Wife are Captain Fantasic, which made 1.0 million the weekend it expanded, and The Lady in the Van, which made 1.5 million dollars the weekend it expanded. I an projecting a 1.2 million opening for The Zookeeper’s Wife.


Thursday numbers have just come in for Ghost and Boss, and my predictions have changed. I am now predicting 24.7 million for Ghost because of its 1.8 million Thursday, and 46.3 million for Boss, because of its 1.5 million Thursday.

TOP 10

1. The Boss Baby – 46.3 million – OPENING
2. Beauty and the Beast – 43.3 million – 53% drop
3. Ghost in the Shell – 24.7 million – OPENING
4. Power Rangers – 17.6 million – 56% drop
5. Kong: Skull Island – 7.4 million – 47% drop
6. Life – 7.3 million – 41% drop
7. Get Out – 5.6 million – 36% drop
8. Logan – 5.3 million – 47% drop
9. CHiPs – 4.2 million – 45% drop
10. The Shack – 1.7 million – 46% drop