You Might’ve Been Wondering Where We’ve Been…

Greetings Fellow Film Enthusiasts,

I’m sure you all have been wondering where we’ve been over these past 7 months.  Well, without publishing too much personal information, I personally experienced a pretty significant health scare this past holiday season that was considered to be near fatal.  Since then, I’ve been “in recovery” by working with my doctors, coupled with being in therapy for another reason that is somewhat related to what happened toward the end of last year.  When all of this was going on, I decided to temporarily take the site offline so I could focus on my recover, focus on spending time with my son, and work to get my head straightened up after everything.  Well, come February (when I was originally going to try and bring everything back online) it was when discussions of the COVID-19 pandemic began.  Being a developer at my day-job, I had to immediately buckle down and start mapping out some processes for opportunities for remote work for my job, and I had a deadline of right then and there and life in general started to get in the way of everything.  The month of March comes along and things start shutting down because of the pandemic, so while adjusting to working remotely and making sure any fires at work were small and quickly handled, I am proud to admit that we’ve gotten the site back up and running.  There still a little bit of automation that needs to be put in place, but nothing too difficult to do.

You might’ve read that first paragraph and find yourself wondering what exactly does this all mean?  Well, first and foremost, the daily deals will be coming back.  I’m expecting to have everything for those back up and running by the end of the month (May) so we can start it back up in June.  We’ve partnered with Jeff at FilmsAtHome as well as gotten a few of our original writers back in place to do a piece here and there as their schedule sees fit, and we’ll be getting back into reviewing the at home theatrical experience of physical media before you know it.  I just ask that everyone continue to be patient while I work through these last few hurdles, and I want to let you all know that I really appreciate some of the messages I’ve received that were checking-in.  I’m planning to use this as a way to share a new journey that I’m undertaking as I want to go through and re-watch EVERYTHING in my personal collection while sharing experiences with newer releases, so with that we’ll be covering a ton of releases both new and old.

We’ve spun up new social media profiles for the site as we’re going to be taking a different approach to promoting the use of physical media, so stay tuned for that information soon.

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