The Accountant 4K UHD Review

The Movie: (4/5)

The Accountant is a Mystery/Thriller starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick. The Accountant follow Christian Wolf, a personal accountant with a darker side that is discovered throughout the film. The movie takes you on a wild chase through the life of Christian Wolf and keeps you guessing till the end who exactly The Accountant is. Overall I found this movie very entertaining and a great thrill ride for 2016.

The Picture: (3.5/5)

The Accountant was shot on 35mm film and finished as a 2K DI upscaled to 4K. Overall I found the picture quality to be quite good offering an uptick in detail, sharpness, and depth. The HDR in this film brings a wide color palette to the screen, but doesn’t overemphasize colors and makes colors very true to life, as seen in other 4K releases such as Sully. I did find random shots in this film to be soft compared to others, but nothing bothersome for this release.

Overall: (4/5)

Overall I found The Accountant to be a very enjoyable thrill ride. The UHD presentation brings lifelike HDR, resolved grain, and improved detail and sharpness. This is a highly recommended on my end to splurge for the UHD on this one.