2017: A ReDVDit Year in Review

2017 was a transitional year – both for our beloved home video and for reDVDit. As a crew, we journeyed together through many of the years largest releases, and dug into the catalogs of some of the industry’s most boutique labels. We persevered through lame April Fools’ Day jokes involving media formats that have been lost to history, staff changes, and enough 4K content to make any enthusiast’s head spin. As the names behind the reviews began to shift, we learned to embrace new means of presenting content – video reviews have now become a staple of our method of coverage thanks to our newest member, Andrew, allowing us to stay flexible and relevant in an ever changing landscape for media consumption.

Outside of the business end of things, we celebrated the birth of our founder Doug’s son, ensuring that there would be an heir to the Beav media empire for decades to come, and Chris graduated from college and accepted my first teaching position – as a result I’ve been in self-imposed hiatus to focus on that, but I figured I would stick my head out of the sand to celebrate the close of another largely successful year.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk 2017 – what happened, why it was important, and how it impacts us moving forwards: