Would You Like To Help The Navy?

A lawyer out of Boston started this all.

Basically, Michael started this program after 9/11 in 2002 when he attended the commissioning of a ship in Boston. He was inspired by that, and thought to himself, “How can I help out?

He came up with the idea for movie libraries, and delivered them 40 movies out of his own pocket that same week before they left. Since then, he has donated over 25,000 discs, and adopted more than 40 ships to date.

Basically, they start with 200-300 discs when they are first adopted, and then go into a rotation where they get 100 more every couple of years.

The issue with the Navy and their streaming service is rights to certain movies come and go, the sailors can’t watch whatever they want whenever they want to, it’s a lot of the same issues that streaming and cable TV have versus just using physical media and having that option of grabbing something off the shelf whenever you want to. Also – it gives them something to browse and spend time in a library looking through movies and picking one out, like the good old days at blockbuster.

Michael pays for all the shipping costs and everything else out of pocket 100%, and his office has become the holding point for the movies he is donating, which is the address above.

If you would like to donate movies to the Naval Ships, please send them to:

Michael Attaya

Cesari and McKenna, LLP

88 Black Falcon Ave., Suite 271

Boston, MA 02210

Discussion Thread is available HERE if you have any questions that you’d like to ask.