Horror Pack – June 2017 Unboxing

What Is Horror Pack?

Horror Pack is just like any other subscription box that’s out there, except this particular subscription box is focused towards individuals who would like to expand their horizons and build a library of obscure horror titles in their DVD/Blu-ray collection. Offering two different packs, one that’s DVD only with the other being Blu-ray only, subscribers will receive one package a month containing four unique titles. Upon creating your account, you choose your plan (whether you want to go with DVD or Blu-ray). From there, the team over at Horror Pack selects titles for the upcoming month, and you wait to see what surprises arrive at your door.. Their selections are often based off of feedback from their social media outlets.

The team at Horror Pack aims to avoid delivering titles that are immediately available on streaming sites or discount bins. While this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a title you receive isn’t available in either of those locations, those of us who prefer physical media over digital streaming that want to build a horror library really benefit from this service. Each film that comes with each month’s box are brand new copies. They do not provide any previously viewed copies of the releases.

What are the titles provided in the June 2017 box?

Children Of The Corn: Genesis

Children Of The Corn: Genesis is a 2011 American horror film and serves as the eighth installment of the Children of the Corn film series. Originally released in 2011, the film was directed by Joel Soisson and features actors like Kelen Coleman, Tim Rock, Barbara Nedeljakova, Billy Drago, Dusty Burwell, Duane Whitaker, J.J. Banicki and Kai Caster and tells us the story of a young couple who works together to try and free a child that’s been imprisoned that ends up yielding catastrophic results.

Killer Piñata

Killer Piñata is a crowdsourced film that was originally inspired by the likes of Troma films and the considerably low-budget horror offerings and serves as a throwback to the straight-to-video gems of the 90s. Produced by Angry Mule Productions, this film was the spawn of the off-the-wall thinking of Executive Producer Nick Weeks during his 32nd birthday party and his curiosity, wondering about the feelings of a piñata as it’s being beaten apart by candy-hungry party goers. Featuring lead actress Eliza Morris, we are given a film that features a piñata who is out blood thirsty.

The Scarehouse

The Scarehouse is a 2014 Canadian horror film that was directed by Gavin Michael Booth and features Sarah Booth and Kimberly-Sue Murray as two women who work together to seek revenge against their former sorority. This film tells us the story of six sorority sisters as they enter a haunted house attraction, only to find out that there are two former members who are seeking revenge on them for their past deeds. Pre-production for this film was announced on July 2013. Film took place in Windsor, Ontario. Shooting of this movie ended after 22 days and it made its premier on October 5, 2014 in Windsor. It was released straight-to-video and on demand on January 13, 2016 in the US and Canada.


Deathgasm is a 2015 New Zealand comedy horror film that was written and directed by Jason Lei Howden as his directorial debut. Featuring Milo Hawthorne and James Blake as a pair of misfit heavy metal fans who accidentally summon a demon. Inspired by Howden’s teenage years, where he was a social outcast and a fan of heavy metal music, the film won the 2013 Make My Horror Movie contest and received a NZ$200,000 prize to be put towards the production. Deathgasm made its premier on March 14, 2015 at South by Southwest, and a sequel tiled Deathgasm Part 2: Goremageddon was revealed on December 16, 2016 to be in production.

Should I subscribe?

Do you like obscure horror films?  Do you want to expand your horizons and explore obscure horror films?  Then you should subscribe.  Speaking from personal experience with this program, I can’t relay how much joy it’s brought me to see what comes each month.  It’s definitely granted myself and my wife the opportunity to explore the horror genre more, and we both really look forward to seeing what comes in month after month.  If you want to subscribe, you should do so before the 15th so you can secure your spot for the upcoming box.  Horror Pack’s ship shortly after the 15th of each month, so you’ll definitely want to get a head start into the program.  If you would like to join in on the fun, then stop reading and click this LINK and save $3 off of your first month!