My Steelbook Collection 2018!

In tonights video I share my entire 4K and Blu-Ray Steelbook collection. I’ve been building up the collection over the last few months and am excited to share each title with you. In this video I go over my whole collection with detailed artwork for each steelbook and my brief thoughts on the movie!

Weekly 4K & Blu-Ray Haul

In todays video I go over my weekly 4K Blu-ray and Blu-ray Haul. This was a great week for sales on some movies I’ve been waiting to pick up. In this video I share each title with you, my thoughts on each title, and if it’s worth the pick up!

My Top 5 4K UHDs Q2 2018

In tonights video I go over my Top 5 4K Blu-Rays of Q2 2018. With so many great releases coming out each quarter, I like to cover my favorites in segments to help break up the year and organize my favorites and the ones worth purchasing. Let me know your top 5 down below!

4K Digital Review Roundup

In tonights video I do a 4K Digital Review Roundup of all the 4K movies I have streamed recently that haven’t been released on disc. In this video I go over the movies themselves, the picture quality, the audio quality, and if it’s worth the buy!