We’re Back!

Sorry it took longer than I originally expected! We are back in full force now and will be making regular updates beginning Monday! You can also follow our social media pages and chat with us at the following links: Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/beav0901dm/ Discord – https://discord.gg/MAEnqw3 Letterboxd – https://letterboxd.com/beav0901dm/

You Might’ve Been Wondering Where We’ve Been…

Greetings Fellow Film Enthusiasts, I’m sure you all have been wondering where we’ve been over these past 7 months.  Well, without publishing too much personal information, I personally experienced a pretty significant health scare this past holiday season that was considered to be near fatal.  Since then, I’ve been “in recovery” by working with my Read more about You Might’ve Been Wondering Where We’ve Been…[…]

ReDVDit 2018 Year In Review

2018 was a steadfast year in which we, as a team, continued to work together to make heads or tales from the variety of changes that hit us in 2017. Focusing pretty heavily on new releases as they become available, the reDVDit review team persevered with an emphasis that our personal lives take precedence over the continuation of content for the site.