Butcher the Bakers – VOD Review

Butcher the Bakers is a 2017 comedic horror film written and directed by Tyler Amm. It stars Ryan Matthew Ziegler, Sean Walsh, Lisa Wojck, and Devon Ford. Butcher the Bakers kills it, in the best possible way.

The plot follows Sam(Walsh) and Martin(Ziegler), a pair of delinquent bakers are tasked to take down a grim reaper like monster named Drag(played by Mike Behrens). Along the way, they meet some unlikely allies to the showdown with Drag. Along the way they team up with a pair women out for revenge, a dismembered hand, and an unfinished demon spawn.

The Movie (4/5)

The film balances the ability to be very absurd at times, but to still be a generally funny comedy. The characters come across as likable even when they are being bad people. Almost all the characters are motivated by less then noble means, but they all work well with each other with jokes and moving the story along.

The plot is quick to get moving as the bakers are shown to be inconsiderate idiots. They quickly meet Lance( played by Alex Dittmer), who they shockingly show some kindness towards, and he brings them on to hunt down Drag, the Death. Another due of Dani(Ford) and Pat(Wojck) tie into the bakers story in a quest for revenge. While the events start out feeling isolated there is a build up to when the four meet up to team up against Drag. The jumps between the two stories feel jarring at first, once you get used to those the films does more out there. There is animated parts, 4th wall beaks and at one point a music video like scene.

The comedy in the film is a mix between absurd comedy and dark comedy, but it works to compliment each other. Every joke, no matter how dark or dumb, still feels fresh and funny. The violence mixes with the comedy for dark moments that add to the comedy instead of detracting from it. These two things that shouldn’t mix are blended here into one fun experience.

There is a few moments that take away from the film. Sometimes the lighting is to dark, even for a dark themed film taking place at night. One or two of the gags that are sight based are missed like Sam not wearing shoes. These moments are few and far between.

Extra Thoughts: After credits scene is amazing. Penis cookies are probably a thing some where. Feels like a new Evil Dead. 80s style killing montage. Brutal pillow fight.

Audio (3.5/5)

The overall sound of the film is good. There is a score and a musical number which help the absurd nature of the film and never detracts from it. It isn’t an amazing score or audio, but it helps the movie along and fits the overall tone. The music video segment of the film brings the audio up another notch, but it comes towards the end of the film.


Overall (4/5)

Butcher the BakersĀ is a surprisingly fun adventure with characters who should be hated, but come across as funny and innocent. Anyone who loves the horror-comedy mix will enjoy this one. This gets two golden skies up(watch the movie to get it).