Budget Blu-Ray Collecting in the UK/EU

Blu-ray is the new standard for home entertainment, with streaming taking superiority over the age-old DVD. This is why in the US, according to the-numbers.com, Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu-ray massively outsells the DVD counterpart and it isn’t even a close call. We’re talking about a gap of millions and millions of units. And if physical media was well and truly dead, then Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wouldn’t be doing gangbusters with its home video sales. However, in the UK it can get really pricey. For example, did you know that a new copy of Iron Man on Blu-ray can cost as much as £17.99 from places like HMV? That movie is nearly ten-years-old… Yeah, we’re just that old now. Seriously, you can buy Taken on Blu-ray in some places for less than £4 brand-new so I can fairly call this an injustice and a mickey-take. It’s things like this that prevent the average avid from collecting Blu-ray movies. Even though this isn’t a problem I have, that doesn’t mean I don’t like finding bargains, so here’s how you can get your Blu-rays cheaper in the UK or EU.

It might be a good thing to note that you actually do need a Blu-ray player before you begin, I’d suggest looking at Facebook groups that are locally based to see if anybody is selling a PS3 because a pre-owned PS3 is one of the cheapest Blu-ray players you can buy. I’ve seen some flogged as cheaply as £30 and with that, you can take full advantage of the PS3’s library of games and watch Blu-ray movies, even in 3D. Just make sure they work before you buy them…

Let’s head to Amazon…

A new copy of Deadpool on Blu-ray is £14.99 from Amazon, if you want this to go down, have a look at the “new” and “used” listings which show you much cheaper options than going through Amazon itself. For example, in the “used” section, there is a listing for it priced at £8.99, making it already cheaper than a new copy of the DVD. With that, there is also a good chance that there will be a digital copy with this copy of the movie. If the movie is in bad nick, then you can always return it but be sure to check the seller’s terms and conditions either way because this isn’t going through Amazon, they’re just showing you these listings.

Alternatively, go straight to the Blu-ray store page and scroll down to where it says “price” and in the box on the right, type in the maximum amount of money that you’re willing to spend per film. Already, I can buy Mad Max: Fury Road for £6.99 or The Mechanic for £3.50, the best part is that the further you go on, the cheaper it gets and you can get so many classics for dirt cheap.

If you want this to get even cheaper, go to the French Amazon website and go through the same process. Already, I see a new copy of San Andreas on 3D Blu-ray for 9.77 euros, which is roughly £8. This undercuts the UK price for the 3D Blu-ray by £7 which is already the price of a whole other film. The 3D version already comes with a 2D Blu-ray copy of the film which makes it a killer bargain.

However, if you go to HMV…

Then you’ll find some really nice bargains. They have an on-going deal wherein you can buy up to 5 Blu-rays for £30 and most of these are quality films and classics. From there, you can buy Fury Road, John Wick, Robocop, Rear Window and Mallrats for £30. Sometimes, they’ll put Blu-ray movies down as low as 99p with any purchase. I bought my copy of Drive for 99p and all I had to do was buy something dirt cheap, although I can’t actually remember what I bought; that’s beside the point, though. If you feel like you want a recent release, then you can buy two new Blu-ray releases for £25 which beats whatever Amazon does currently.

You might want to take a look over at Zavvi though…

Because they’ve always got amazing deals and offers on their website. Right now, they offer two selected box sets for £30. If you buy the Tarantino collection and then, the Police Academy collection, you’ll end up with 13 movies in your collection. All of which will have bonus material and all of those movies will have been lovingly restored in full HD.

Zavvi also has some incredible flash deals on their website, at the time of writing this piece, Misfits series one through five could be bought for £19.99 – it’s a twelve-disc set and is an incredible deal for a decent series available in the amazing quality Blu-ray is known for. Their Blu-ray page has its own dedicated “Films under £5” section with classics such as “Ghost Shark” and sure-fire Oscar winners like Battle Recon: Call to Duty. There’s a lot of schlock there, but if you’re not a picky person like me, then it’s a goldmine.

Josh, it might be easier to just Google it, right?

You’d be absolutely right. This method is a bit more tedious and might require you to make multiple accounts for websites, but these should get you some really cheap prices. All you would do is go to Google and search “movie Blu-ray”, with “movie” being replaced by the movie or show you’re looking to buy on Blu-ray. When you do your search, you’d go to the shopping tab and look at results from there because Google tends to highlight the cheapest results from various vendors from around the world. By doing this, I found Invasion U.S.A as cheaply as £7.90, albeit used. This trick should also work for other countries in the EU.

But, I’d tell you to go to CEX if you want stuff even cheaper.

If you go to their Blu-ray movies section and set the max price to £3, then filter by lowest to highest prices, you’ll find classics for less than £1. Such would include Ghost Shark limited edition for £0.75. Good old Ghost Shark, I never cried so hard with joy and emotion until I saw Ghost Shark. It was quite overwhelming, actually. You could buy loads of great films for less than £25. I filled a shopping basket with some of my ideal picks from this section and it would have only cost me £25 or so for the 15 films I chose. If you wanted to really quickly build a collection, this is the ideal way to do it.

If you want to know more about where to find even more Blu-ray related bargains, I would strongly suggest installing an app called “HotUKDeals” which is extremely helpful when it comes to finding Blu-ray bargains. Some of these finds can be extremely helpful to some customers from the EU as well, as some companies will ship abroad. You can also always check out “Beav’s Bargains” Daily Deals post, which we post here on the site everyday and often includes some UK/EU bargains.

Happy hunting!