Box Office With Connor – April 7-9

Hello everyone! This is Connor Gilbert and welcome back to Box Office with Connor!


We have 3 new major releases this weekend. The family reboot, Smurfs: The Lost Village in 3,600 theaters, the comedy remake, Going in Style in 3,100 theaters and the faith based drama, The Case for Christ, in 1,200 theaters.


Our biggest new release is Smurfs: The Lost Village. The past Smurfs movies haven’t done so well in the domestic box office, but have done very well in foreign box office. That being said, I believe this will be a huge hit in other countries, but in the U.S, I don’t think it will do so well. My comparisons for this are Ice Age: Collision Course which made 21.3 million opening weekend, and Escape from Planet Earth, with an opening box office take of 15.9 million. I think Smurfs: The Lost Village will make 16.5 million opening weekend.


Our next new release is Going in Style. I believed this would be a big hit due to the cast and the director, but after a lack of buzz and not so good reviews, I think this will make somewhere in the low teens. My comparisons are Hall Pass, with an opening box office take of 13.5 million, and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, which made 10.2 million opening weekend. I am projecting 11.2 million for Going in Style this weekend.

Our last new release is the Case for Christ. I have been very skeptical about this film box office wise for a long time. It was based on a very popular book, but I don’t know anyone who wants to see it, including myself. I will compare it to Woodlawn, which made 4 million opening weekend, and Hillsong – Let Hope Rise with an opening box office take of 1.4 million. I am projecting 3.2 million of The Case for Christ.




With Smurfs in at 350k, and Going in at 600k, my predictions have not changed at all.

TOP 10

  1. Beauty and the Beast – 26.8 million – 41% drop
  2. The Boss Baby – 26.5 million – 47% drop
  3. Smurfs: The Lost Village – 16.5 million – OPENING
  4. Going in Style – 11.2 million – OPENING
  5. Ghost in the Shell – 10.1 million – 46% drop
  6. Power Rangers – 8.7 million – 39% drop
  7. Kong: Skull Island – 5.4 million – 37% drop
  8. The Zookeeper’s Wife – 4.9 million – 49% increase
  9. Get Out – 3.5 million – 39% drop
  10. Logan – 3.4 million – 43% drop