Box Office With Connor – April 28-30

Hello everyone! This is Connor Gilbert and welcome back to Box Office with Connor!

This weekend we have four new releases.  The drama thriller The Circle in 3,200 theaters, the Spanish comedy How to be a Latin Lover in 1,100 theaters, the Indian blockbuster Baahubali 2 in 450 theaters, and the magic superhero film Sleight in 550 theaters.

Our first new release is The Circle. At the beginning of the week, I was projecting a very high number for The Circle in around nineteen to twenty-two million dollars, but towards the end of the week, it’s dipped down quite a bit due to bad reviews and lack of interest. My comparisons for The Circle are Transcendence, which made 10.9 million dollars opening weekend, and In Time which made 12.1 million dollars opening weekend. I’m projecting 10.5 million dollars for The Circle this weekend.

Our next big release is Bahubali 2. This film may be one of the biggest foreign releases in the U. S. of all time. It is because of this that I do not have any comparisons. I doubt this will perform similarly to any other film. It is only in a very small amount of theaters, but the very high ticket price of anywhere from twenty to forty dollars will definitely make up for that. I am predicting 9.5 million for Bahubali 2 this weekend.

Our final major release that I will be talking about his How to be a Latin Lover. This film is distributed by Pantelion, which has an interesting track record. They make a lot of flops, and a lot of hits that come out of nowhere. I’m expecting this one to be a hit. My comparisons for this film are Bad Santa 2 which made 6.1 million dollars opening weekend, and That Awkward Moment which made 8.2 million dollars opening weekend. I am projecting 6.2 million dollars for How to be a Latin Lover this weekend.


Thursday previews have just come in and they have slightly changed my predictions. Bahubali 2 came in at 2.5 million, The Circle came in at 400k, and How to be a Latin Lover came in at 450k. This raises my How to be a Latin Lover projection to 7.3 million, and my Baahubali 2 prediction to 10.2 million.

TOP 10

1. The Fate of the Furious – 18.4 million – 52% drop
2. The Circle – 10.5 million – OPENING
3. Baahubali 2 – 10.2 million – OPENING
4. The Boss Baby – 8.6 million – 32% drop
5. How to be a Latin Lover – 7.3 million – OPENING
5. Beauty and the Beast – 6.2 million – 35% drop
6. Gifted – 3.9 million – 16% drop
7. Born in China – 3.8 million – 22% drop
8. Going in Style – 3.0 million – 39% drop
9. Smurfs: The Lost Village – 2.9 million – 42% drop
10. Sleight – 2.1 million – OPENING