Blu-ray & DVD Bargains For 10/11/2021

Welp, I know I’ve said it time and time again that the Daily Deals posts would be returning, only for something crazy to be thrown at me again.

This isn’t a sympathy thing, this is just me coming out to let you guys know that the Daily Deals posts are effectively back!  Through numerous health issues that’s come up over the last 18-months and many unfortunate life happenings that’s popped up, I’ve finally got things under control and am ready to start bringing things back!

I do ask that everyone to please be patient with me as I’m not entirely fully recovered from everything physically and still have a large number of doctors appointments, so things are going to be a little erratic in terms of timing.

Stay tuned for many more announcements as I’ve been jotting things down while handling everything else!

Now, onto the Deals!