Waiting For Guffman – Blu-Ray Review

Waiting For Guffman, a film of unbridled originality and hilarity, seems to find itself in the shadows and goes unnoticed in a world of fart-jokes, Family Guy, and Will Ferrell movies.  There is something oddly refreshing about the writing style and unbelievably interesting stories that Christopher Guest is able to create.  You may have seen Read more about Waiting For Guffman – Blu-Ray Review[…]

Superman: The Movie -Blu-Ray Review

Many of us may not remember the thrill as we watched Christopher Reeve grace the screen as Superman for the first time.  How for the first time, it seemed as if the man of steel was something tangible, possible, real.  I’m talking, of course, about Richard Donner’s revered masterpiece Superman: The Movie.  Warner Brothers Archives Read more about Superman: The Movie -Blu-Ray Review[…]

The Illustrated Man -Blu-Ray Review

Upon first glance, I was intrigued by the cover and description given for The Illustrated Man.  The description promises a film full of psychedelic visions of the future.  Based on the collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury in 1951 here we too have an overarching thematic that drives our stories of ultimate terror.  There Read more about The Illustrated Man -Blu-Ray Review[…]