Phantasm: Remastered – Blu-ray Review

Just as a reminder, enter our Phantasm blu-ray giveaway. Complete the form here. You have until January 15th at midnight EST. Enter before the deadline or… BOY! The Feature (3.75/5) Like much of Don Coscarelli’s filmography, Phantasm is a labor of love. Coscarelli filmed Phantasm (1979) on a shoestring budget, using his friends as cast and Read more about Phantasm: Remastered – Blu-ray Review[…]

Don’t Breathe – Blu-ray Review

The Feature (4.5/5) Fede Alvarez has constructed one hell of a roller coaster ride in his second feature film. Part suspense and part horror movie, Don’t Breathe offers a fresh perspective on genre filmmaking. The film starts off by introducing a group of three twenty-somethings (Rocky, Alex, and Money) stuck in Detroit. They are robbing houses and Read more about Don’t Breathe – Blu-ray Review[…]

Star Trek: Beyond – Blu-ray Review

2016 marks the 50th anniversary since the first airing of Star Trek on the NBC network. More specifically, Thursday, November 3, will mark exactly 50 years since the airing of the ninth episode of the first season of Star Trek, “The Dagger of the Mind”. Released to coincide with Star Trek’s Golden Jubilee, Star Trek Beyond Read more about Star Trek: Beyond – Blu-ray Review[…]

The Wailing – Blu-ray Review

If you’re willing to read a few subtitles there’s a lot to like about South Korean genre film. Korean filmmakers aren’t beholden to the same tropes or stigmas which have been ingrained into American genre filmmaking, and the growth of Korea’s box office has provided ample budgets for talented Korean directors to create gorgeous films.  If you hate the stale poorly written “reboots” that Read more about The Wailing – Blu-ray Review[…]


Banshee: Season Four (The Final Season) – Blu-ray Review

Banshee fans, get pumped because Banshee – The Final Season has finally released on home video. For those of you less in the know, Banshee is a serialized action-drama created by David Schickler and Jonathan Tropper and produced by David Ball (Six Feet Under, True Blood) that ran on Cinemax for four seasons and ended its run earlier this year. Read more about Banshee: Season Four (The Final Season) – Blu-ray Review[…]

Zootopia – Blu-ray Review

Oh no, Disney made another talking-animals-who-wear-clothes movie. Did they not have a clue what would happen to this wholesome family film after the entrepreneurial members of DeviantArt caught wind of the subject matter? The Feature – 4/5 Directed by Disney veterans Byron Howard (Tangled) and Rich Moore (Wreck-It Ralph) and featuring a very talented ensemble cast Read more about Zootopia – Blu-ray Review[…]